Minutes April 3, 2023

LPCI School Council Meeting
Monday, April 3, 2023
Next Meeting: Monday, June 5, 2023 @ 7pm in the library and on Zoom
Attendees: Co-Chair Pamela Wilansky, Principal Michael Griesz, Liz Hanson (past Chair), Jennifer
Dobson, Suzanne Duras, Rui Taborda, Philip Roberts, Elena Solokhina, Patricia Kay, Megan
Fahlenbock, Jennifer Tse
Approval of December minutes: motioned to approve Patricia Kay, Passed by Megan Fahlenbock
Key Dates:

  • Tuesday, April 4th – Online registration for Parent-Teacher Interviews opens
  • Thursday, April 6th – Easter/Spring Spirit Day
  • Tuesday, April 11th – Home Form Rep meeting for Student Council Elections
  • Tuesday, April 11th – Online Event “Tips for Getting Ready for University” on Zoom @ 7pm
  • Wednesday, April 12th – International Day of Pink (against bullying)
  • Friday, April 14th – Student Council Elections General Meeting (in auditorium)
  • Wednesday, April 19 – Jewish education Antisemitism Forum (6-8 pm)
  • April 26 – 28 – School Events including school play, United Artists
  • May 1 – 5 – Wellness Week (Wellness Council)
  • May 8 – 12 Student Council Campaign Week
  • Thursday, May 11 – 80s Theme Parent Social @ Safari on Avenue Road
  • Friday, May 12 – 2023/24 Student Council Election Day
  • Wednesday, May 24th – Spring Fling
  • Wednesday, May 24th – TedX Event (6-9 pm)
  • Thursday, June 1st – Grade 12 Prom
  1. Student Council Update – Chloe Oborne (on behalf of Anna Lingard & Emma Watts, Student
    Liaison Reps)
  • Student Council elections coming up for next school year on May 12
  • Home form rep meeting April 11 re: election process
  • General meeting in auditorium on April 14 re: student council roles
  • Monday April 17 midnight deadline to declare running for the council
  • April 24 eligible students 75% average, home form rep is eligibility requirement, but can be
    appealed – contact Mme Benet who is SC Head
  • Student Council Campaign week May 8-12
  • See IG and announcements for dates and info
  • Thursday this week Spirit Day paint pots for planting seeds using Spirit card Easter/spring
  • Spring Fling May 24 carnival-like event in afternoon on field; inflatables, food, run by the
  • TedX Event May 24 6-9pm tix available on SCO (100 tix); looking for food sponsorships –
    Ryann Fineberg coordinating, so please contact Ryann if you have a restaurant connection
  • LPAC – Spring sports are starting. – co-ed ultimate, track, table tennis, volleyball, tennis, and
  • Wellness Council Wellness Week May 1-5, BBQ Monday, Wellness Walk Tues, Thurs selling
    Krispy Kreme donuts, Spike Ball and other events on the field
  1. School’s Report – Principal Michael Griesz
  • Toronto Public Health conducted vaccination clinic today
  • Will take place again next school year by TPH, encourage families to have their children
    vaccinated according to current TPH recommendations
  • Indigenous Atlas – map the size of a gymnasium which can be walked on – shows North
    America without current political boundaries instead highlights historically and currently
    Indigenous communities – will be used for staff PD and student learning for all grades and
    subjects; considering investing in this resource, partnered with feeder schools with sharing this
    resource – Principal Griesz will be meeting with SC to provide learning for parents, as well
  • April 19 6-8pm holding a Jewish education Antisemitism forum for students and staff, Tustee
    Laskin and Superintendent Andrew Howard will be involved on this evening, guest speakers,
    open dialogue with parents and caregivers; child of holocaust survivor will be doing a
    presentation for students
  • Washrooms – last week emergency call to go to basement changeroom in North gym and
    discovered a major leak which was not showing up on the meter; water was shut off and leak
    stopped; involved closing the 2 all-gender washroom and 2 staff washrooms; from a pipe
    behind a brick wall from 1926; urgently figuring out temporary solutions while trying to get a
    timeline on permanent repair; 2 other washrooms will be used in the interim which will require
    a lot of monitoring – one in basement (individual stall staff washroom), other on 3rd floor;
    challenges with old building like LP
  • Ongoing issues with kids vaping in both girls’ and boys’ washrooms; staff are constantly
    monitoring the washrooms; families are informed if student is caught vaping
  • April is full of school events, very busy, keep checking The Eye for evening events (ie. United
    Artists), please attend events – April 26, 27, 28; on April 28, SC will organize a dinner in North
    Gym to attend theatre and have dinner at intermission
  • Prom June 1st, Commencement
  • Awards are being promoted between now and commencement – stay informed via The Eye for
    awards, co-op opportunities, summer job opportunities
  • Still interviewing for department heads through until June; another round in June; there will be
    a number of changes; new leadership team will be announced for 23/24 to be held until 25/26
  • Parent/Teacher interviews will take place in person this semester – registration online
    tomorrow (Tuesday, April 4th) at 8am
  • Pool Update: repairs are expected to be done for the next school year (2023/24)
  1. Executive Reports
    Treasurers – Patricia Kay
  • March Expenses: Wellness Lunch $1,211, partially offset by $500 donation received from
    Heaps Estrin Realty and $200 from LPCI
  • Fundraising of $208 from Woodward Meats campaign
  • We now have the ability to send and receive e-transfers!
    Fundraising – Marni Schulman
  • New fundraising campaign starting soon via Woodward Meat and BBQ
  • Food donations for April 27 – ideas and donations welcome!
  • Biggest fundraiser taking place Thursday, May 11th – auction, 80s theme, band @ Safari on
    Avenue Road to fund library work spaces, destressing chill lounges in the school, Guidance
    office to be transformed to be more welcoming and open
  • Please contact School Council if you have silent auction items to donate!!
  • Budget requires approval ahead of time – SC
    Parent Engagement Subcommittee – Megan Fahlenbok
  • Seeking a speaker for upcoming assembly to address issues that parents are currently facing
    with student wellness/mental health; suggestion to reach out to the school psychologist for
    speaker event
  • Celebrating International Day of Pink next week – annual event on 2nd Wednesday of April to
    wear pink against bullying and in solidarity with LGBTQ2S+ community – Wednesday, April 12th
  • Students are asking for more Wellness events and additional supports
    Environmental Committee – Elena Solokhina
  • Seed City for school garden – is the school ready with location to start planting this spring?
  • Will be looking for gardening volunteers
  • Links: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XGgBtHoIO4g (please feel free to watch and listen at
    your convenience)
  • Indoor Education Garden Project – provides knowledge, resources (ie. seeds) possible source
    for the garden project https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XGgBtHoIO4g
  • Contact Elena if you want to join the Environmental Committee at
    Facility Improvements Subcommittee – Phillip Roberts & Rui Taborda
  • Field committee meeting took place last week
  • Things are progressing in a positive direction
  • Expecting RFP to be issued before end of this month; Rugby preparing their response to RFP
  • Discussion about how parents and SC and other community members might support the Rugby
    Club’s bid (RFP) – when the RFP has been issued, collective letter signed by as many parents
    as possible, letter from alumni (same), would be the most appropriate means of showing our
    support for the Rugby Club’s RFP
  • School staff and faculty must be neutral in this matter, and not publicly not give their support for
    one vendor over another
  • Rugby Club asked if SC could support them in terms of the specs and pricing for the track
    (separate from RFP), but would be valuable if we can source that info to be included as part of
    their proposal
  • If Rugby Club wants to donate jerseys and/or T-Shirts, can the LP logo be provided/used? What
    permissions are required to use LP logo (alongside Scottish Rugby Club) – Principal Griesz
    suggest they may want to refrain at this time, until process is played out
  • April 17 next field committee meeting
    FSLAC – Pamela (on behalf of Robin Conliffe)
  • summer exchange program via YMCA for 16 and 17 year olds
  • Opportunity to live and work in French community in QC for $150
  • See The Eye for more info!
    Upcoming Special All-Student Event
    Tips for Getting Ready for First Year University – Tues April 11 @ 7pm on Zoom
  • 10 recent alumni presenting
  • Tips for first year university residents
  • What helped you succeed in first year?
  • Abroad in exchange programs
  • Alum who is now going on to law school
  • Send email to SC email for calendar entry to attend
  • Open to Q&A at end
  • Will be posted on LP Insta to inform students

Motion to adjourn: Pamela Wilansky
Seconded: Jennifer Dobson
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We look forward to holding the next Parent Council meeting on Zoom.