Minutes February 11, 2013

LPCI School Council Meeting

Attendance: A. Scott, D. Strathdee, M. Rosenblum, W. Williams, D. Carson, J. Reeves, M. Sullivan, A. Rapea, E. Allen, R. Allen, B. Allen, C. Fine, J. Cape, R. Ezer, D. Rabinovitch, L. Addis, I. Rosenblatt, D. Poole, D. Enhorning, U. Grieve, L. Turkish, A. Cohen, G. Wyett, D Boucher, A. Fonseca, L. Jovanovic, N. Martin, K. Rein, H. Goodman, M. Dickstein, L. Gray, L. Neild, I. Vlaykok, J. Barry, R. Rovan, E. Lasswell, M. Smith, P. Trenton

  1. Welcome: A. Cohen
  2. Approval of Minutes from School Council Meeting of January 21st, 2013- Motion by A. Cohen and 2nd by L. Gray. Approved
  3. Principal’s Report: L. Jovanovic introduced the new VP Ms. N. Martin who will handle grade 10 and 11 students. Ms. Jovanovic clarified her role as an “agent of the TDSB is to follow directions set from the TDSB”. Confirmed the Grade 12 Prom will occur although details still to be worked out.
  4. Student Reps reported LP wear is available and they are promoting. Valentines Day the Athletic Council will run the matchmaker event as a fund raiser.
  5. Winter Musicale: L. Addis confirmed 270 students in 9 different ensembles attended this very successful event. 38 volunteers made this event possible. A. Cohen thanked all the volunteers and especially L. Addis for spearheading the volunteers to make this event possible. A thank you also to the music department and the administration.
  6. Speaking Engagement for May 2013- D. Rabinovitch advised we had several potential speakers including:

–        Anthony Wolfe – Newspaper columnist and author of Get out of my life, but first could you drive me and Cheryl to the Mall?

–        Jennifer Kolari –  author of Connected Parenting: How to raise a great kid

–        Dr. Karyn Gordon – author of Dr. Karyn’s Guide to the Teen Years

–        Wendy Mogul – author of The Blessing of a B minus

Council did not reach consensus on any of the speakers. D. Rabinovitch will go back and discuss what the     speakers will talk about and report at next meeting at which point a vote will be taken

  1. School Board Trustee – Howard Goodman discussed school boundary borders and explained updates and further information on this matter would be available from his website. Discussed “Extra-curriculars”, Impact of Bill 115 and Seniority Hiring.
  2. Council Adjourned.