Minutes December 10, 2012

LPCI School Council Meeting

Attendance: K. Rein, A. Cohen, U. Grieve, L. Turkish, M. Gurgol, M. Rosemblum, L. Jovanovich, A. Trail, J. Allen, I. Rosenbluth, D. Boughner, D. Rabinovitch, G. Wyett, A. Fonseca, m. Freel, D. Enhorning, D. Enhorning, P. Sweeney

1.      Welcome – A. Cohen welcomed attendees to the LPCI meeting.

2.      Approval of Minutes of Nov. 19th – Motion by D. Boughner

–        second by G. Wyett

–        Approved

3.     Speaker for March 2013- choice of either Ron Clavier or Anthony Wolf. After much discussion  Dr.   Ron   Clavier was selected for the March event. A. Cohen suggested a 3rd speaker event in May. Suggestion put forward that perhaps the Grade 12 marketing class could take on the marketing of one or more of these speaker events.

4.      Other Business: Discussion regarding suspension of student extra-curricular activities. L. Jovanovic   advised that parents can organize activities but they can’t be associated with the School. There is a strong inclination from parents to make a community concert. Parent Council will request emails of parents so we can communicate directly to parents of LPCI students in future.

D. Boughner will draft email asking for parents to volunteer to lead an activity.

A. Cohen stressed Council is extremely respectful of the process ongoing between the TDSB and OSSTF however this ongoing action is affecting the students and their experience of their high school education and as such Council would like to explore Council’s options for the students.

Meeting Adjourned.