Minutes January 16, 2017

LPCI Parent Council Meeting

7pm, Library

Attendees: L. Jovanovic (Principal), R. Kelly (VP), S. Kopyto (Staff representative), M. Fisher (Guidance), M. Kawale (Student representative), E. Boone (Chair), L. Hanson (Secretary), G. Wyett (Finance), S. Paetkau (Past Chair), S. Jolliffe, D. Bergeron, L. Morrison, J. Forster, T. Meagher, C. de Santis, B. Saidj, M. Pede, M. Pede, I. Kovalev, L. Gray, J. Bragg, R. Conliffe, J. Bai, R. Cader, A. Maenhaut, S. Young, J. Jaffary, D. Weiner, S. Weiner, D. Boughner, R. Monais, A. Belanger, P. Hamann, A. Simo Brown, K. Hancock, J. Wilmer, J. Rother

There was record turn out for some great speakers tonight and Principal Lillian Jovanovic’s final council meeting. A gift of thanks was presented to Lillian for her 9 years at LPCI, from the school and parent council. A special thank you to Michele Schummer, prior co-chair of the council for a few years who has moved back home to California, Michele and her family will be missed and wish them all the best!

Look for 2 great talks coming up Feb 6 (York University Professors speak on Math and Careers in Math) and April 3 (Psychologist addresses Anxiety) both mentioned below.

Student Update (Maya Kawale)

Maya listed a number of student run and teacher supported initiatives going on at LP right now:

  • Successful United Artists Show (December 7)
  • Winter Musicale (December 15)
  • Girls Hockey – great season
  • Course selection
  • Speech Assembly
  • Intramural volleyball
  • Dance Show (Feb 1)
  • 24 Hour Challenge (Feb 2-3)
  • Upcoming Semi Formal “Hollywood theme” (Feb 9)
  • Deca Provincials (Feb 9)
  • Kiwanis (Feb 6-16)
  • Ski/snowboard teams
  • Swim meets

Special Guests – Community police officers 

– 53 Division Staff Sergeant Matthew Moyer and Constable Alex Li (Crime prevention Officer) discussed challenges that students are facing with social media, bullying, alcohol and drugs.

  • LPCI has a CRO Central Resource Officer, Chris Spencer who spends one day a week (Thursday) networking and integrating at the school. The CRO is a police officer that comes in plain clothes and is unarmed, he is here to build relationships with the students and to provide guidance and follow up on any incidents within the school.
  • Urged parents to continue to support their efforts from the back end and to engage with students (teens will not bring bullying to parents, they will bury it, park it) and to keep on top of technology. They are trying to make an impact on the severity of issues surrounding social media posts.
  • Asking teachers to help identify students who “suddenly go dark.”

Guidance  (Mark Fisher)

My Blueprint

– Course selection process is coming up. MyBlueprint is the system used by students to select courses.

– Guidance will be visiting with students in their classes over the next three weeks.

– Jan 20th – Blueprint opens and resources are all there.

– Course chart is a flow chart.

– Feb 3rd – 2 weeks to go through the process and submit

– Feb 10th – MyBlueprint – print and parents sign

– Request alternates and rank electives.

– Week of Jan 23 – they’ll visit grade 9,10,11 to discuss  – core selection and individual pathways plan = ministry has initiative that all students should review course on individual basis for post secondary requirements.

– Grade 10 students are not entitled to a spare. School encourages grade 10,11 to take 8 courses.

– Co-op is 2 credits.

Post Secondary Selections

– Jan 11 was hard deadline to submit applications. Recommend that applications  get in before Dec break. OUAC system was slow leading up to the deadline.

– If students haven’t heard back on acknowledgement emails from schools, sometimes takes 2 weeks.

– Marks first go to application centre mid February.

– March 1 – application centre sends info to universities.

– Nov report cards don’t go to universities. Students may send.

– Final decisions are on April marks and get translated in May

– June 1 – first date students act on submission.

– Full grade 11 marks get sent.


– Don’t need OUAC code to access information, just need OEN number. Deadline is Feb 1 for college applications. Timelines similar but they confirm May 1 – first offers have to be responded to.

Parent Council Update (Erika Boone)

– Michele Schummer  (Co-chair) and her family relocated over the holidays and moved back home to California. A big thank you extended in her absence for her significant contributions to the school council over the past 2 years.

– December 14th – Teacher appreciation breakfast was held in the library. Thanks to Jacqueline Rother and Michele Schummer.

– December 15th Winter Musicale and Silent Auction. Raised just under $9000. More than we’ve raised in direct donations for all of LPCI this year, so plan to take the learning on a larger scale to assist the whole school.

– Motion –  to approve the Minutes from December 5, 2016 – Susan Paetkau- approved minutes, Gillian Wyett second the minutes.

Thank you to our Principal Lillian Jovanovic – Feb 2nd Lillian Jovanovic, who has been here for 9 years, is moving to Dewey Secondary School. Joel Gorenkoff, principal from North Toronto, will be joining LPCI as Principal.  On behalf of school and parent council, thank you to Lillian for her long hours at and dedication to the school.

Principal’s report (Lillian Jovanovic)

– Thank you, it has been an honour to be at this school for 9 years. Lillian prepared more words but  to time kept it short and will provide her comments in her final LP Eye.

– Commencement  – Ruth Kelly is working on a couple ideas. Committee has been created. Looking at offsite and onsite options. Last year graduation was in North Gym (students) and parents in Auditorium. Suggestion is to keep the ceremony at LP, but add some nice touches (music in hallway, entrance/reception/photo area). Offsite location is penciled in Montecasino.

Next Guest Speakers:

Feb 6 – Professors from York University speaking about Math and how to get kids engaged.

  • All about how to learn about math and possible careers. Math Dept head, Mr. Ho for LPCI will also attend.

April 3

  • School Psychologist conducted a workshop with the teachers on Anxiety and offered to do one with council as well. April 3 is suggested date, to be confirmed.

Meeting adjourned.