Minutes January 25, 2016

LPCI School Council Meeting Minutes

In Attendance 
M.Schummer, S.Paetkau, C.Dick, B.Thornbull, M.Greenwood, M.Spurr, M.Gavrilina, E.Boychuk, P.Trenton, J.Rother, A.Richter, N.Kotush, I.Kovalev, G.Wyett, J.Bragg

Welcome by Co-Chairs (S. Paetkau & M. Schummer)

Review and approval of agenda
G.Wyett, J. Bragg

Approval of December Council meeting minutes
J.Bragg, M. Schummer

Students Council Update

  • Course selection through MyBlueprint due Feb 8th.
  • English speech assembly coming up.
  • Dance show on Wednesday Feb 3rd, tickets $10 or $15 at the door. The theme is musicals.
  • School semi not running this year in February and instead the student council is hosting a coffee house in March. There will be musical performances by different grades, auditions are going on right now.
  • DECA provincial championship coming up with over 40 people competing from LPCI.
  • A parent asked the students about EduTravel. It was brought up that students in grade 9 and 10 are not allowed to have spares, so if they take an EduTravel course they then must choose another course to fill the spot.

Principals Update

  • Teachers are currently compiling marks and report cards that will be handed out Feb 11th.
  • Parent teacher interviews will be from Feb 18th from 1-3pm.
  • The only time you can be excused from writing a final examine is with medical documentation being provided.
  • ACL of guidance, K. Mitchell, will be off until March 1st.  Guidance counselors are having conversations with students during these weeks beforehand to help them with their pathways.
  • The teachers and admin collectively made the decision not to have the Semi dance at night this year. The supervising teachers said not to count on them after the issues with drinking at the last dance. The students were given the option of having a dance directly after school, however the student council decided to have a coffee house themed event with musical acts from the students. This event is still being organized and will take place in March. The school has nothing to do with the After-Semi party that is being arranged and has sent out information to parents to make sure they realized it is not a school sponsored event.

Teacher negotiation update

  • Teachers are continuing with their negotiations and she expects this to continue until the end of the year. No staff meetings, no ACL meetings, no planning meetings, no teacher mentoring, no moderated markings, no teacher evaluations, no administrative duties done by teachers. There will be no comments on the report cards. There have been more teacher changeovers at LPCI this year than ever in her time here. Lillian briefly explained the complicated process that happens when a teacher leaves and how hard it is to fill the gap in a timely manner.  A huge expense for the school this year is the extra cost of supply teachers to fill gaps with all of the teacher turnover as well.
  • They do still have in-school support meetings for discussing students who need extra help, as these are mandatory. They also have student success classes running where students can get extra support.
  • Parents are very concerned with the lack of continuity when teachers change over and the possible lack of a common curriculum across the same classes (i.e. English, math, etc).  This is very frustrating for everyone. This is not supposed to effect students and some teachers are available for helping students at lunch or after school.

Co-Chairs Update

  • Janet Bragg let us know about upcoming speakers
  • March 7th: Michelle Keeley  on The Teenage Tango
  • April 11th:JACS  David Koffman Drug and alcohol addiction


S. Paetkau asked for anyone willing to help organize an event to please let us know and be part of the fundraising committee. We are also going to be sending an email to parents detailing the funds raised so far and the priorities.

Adjournment at 7:20pm

Followed by speaker on Exponential Changes in the Labour Market