Minutes October 19, 2020

LPCI School Virtual Council Meeting

Attendees:  Aiman Flahat, Roland Straatsma (Head of Guidance, Liz Hanson, Kelly Green, Marie Armstrong, Erika Boone, Greg Spiers, Andrea Fry, Robin Conliffe, Karen Barasch, Pamela Wilansky, Ian Aukema, Jennifer Tse, John Hiddema, Kirsten Gleistener & 50 others via virtual zoom

Student Liaison Reps
John W. & Alyssa D.

  • Difficult to plan events while meeting protocols
  • Main Objective – to spread school spirit via safe events
  • First event – Terry Fox Event (Sept 29, 30) – went well, safely, students permitted to walk LP field track and everyone was socially distanced with masks
  • Primary Fundraiser – LP Wear available via physical forms handed out by student council; forms can be returned to SC reps, catalogue and ordering available online via school website and social media outlets, NEW this year are LP water bottles; prices have been lowered for this year so it’s affordable to be able to spread school spirit
  • Halloween – planned events include candy bar distribution by SC to students who come to school in costume during the week of Halloween; pumpkin-carving competition via Instagram with prize for winners
  • STC Cards – student discount cards
  • LP’s Got Talent will be the big event of the year run by SC; Daily Break Food Bank will be the charity – end of Jan/start of Feb; $10 registration fee to go to charity
  • SC Heads invited to submit ideas for virtual event ideas, and students will vote on Top 3

Election Rules – Liz Hanson (Chair)

  • Anyone whose students are in virtual or in-school environments can come forward to fill Parent Council roles
  • Parent Engagement Subcommittee Chair – position available
  • Parent Reps to be elected
  • Electronic Poll presented to all online attendees – Are you in agreement with the proposed Parent Council representatives? (Some attendees cannot see the poll so email will be sent to those who cannot see the poll / or members can vote via Zoom Chat directly to Liz) – results are 100% in agreement
  • Existing Council Members from 2019-20 remain in effect until new election is complete
  • Existing Council Members to provide any updates on portfolios
  • Treasury – Currently $6,400 bank balance; co-chairing special committee with Ian Aukema –ways for parents to receive tax receipts; review underway at TDSB re: parent engagement and fundraising (fundraising on hold due to Covid); hope to move initiatives forward later this year
  • Ward 8 Trustee – Shelly Laskin check out her website and subscribe to her newsletters for up to-date information
  • Welcome Committee Update – last year event for Grade 9 parents in library; this year the event went virtual and about 50 parents attended (Hints & Tips document was created last year by the committee and can be found on the website); Twitter Feed, Instagram Feed
  • Certificates available upon graduation – see Hints & Tips for more info on certificates students
  • may be eligible to receive upon graduation
  • Oct 15 Communication from TDSB – Course Withdrawal deadlines, Graduation requirements
  • Parents As Partners (visit www.parentsaspartners.ca for more info) virtual conference taking place this coming weekend

Guidance Update – Roland Straatsma

  • Quad 2 starting in about a month – Quad 2 is uncertain re: virtual school, student movement, class sizes
  • E-learning registration opened on Thursday – communicated via The EYE
  • Night school has started (registration has passed) – Tues/Thurs nights; next session in Feb
  • Peer tutor program – 25 peers who are willing to help; working through teachers to pair up students with seniors who can help
  • Grade 12s – Upcoming college/university application cycle – links will be shared with Gr. 12s via Google Classroom
  • OUAC – Ontario University Application Centre – PINS will be mailed out so that students can begin application process; deadline to apply is January 15 (not on a first-come, first-served basis)
  • Virtual Visits – universities – check Google Classroom for upcoming dates; campus virtual tours taking place this week

Parent Question: Can university fair info be communicated to Grade 11s? – Roland will put out a form/survey to determine who is interested and will be included on communications

Parent Question: If there will be further schedule/course changes, when will we be informed? Aiman: TDSB has to inform LP before we can inform parents of any upcoming changes; changes will be shares as soon as possible to reduce parent/student frustration and to ensure there are no students held back due to missing requirements (ie. ensure core courses are completed and electives are secondary)

Parent Question: Help for FI students who may want to attend French university (ie. scholarships, etc.)?
A. (Roland S.) yes, Guidance Counsellor can assist

Principal’s Report – Aiman Flahat

  • Excited to communicate and collaborate with parents and put students first in everything we do; staff supported and served to ensure students have best instruction and learning environment
  • Excited to share that we’ve launched our mission: inspiring students to identify and practice their gifts in a community that embraces curiosity, creativity and empathy.
  • Help students identify those things they may not know about themselves; opportunities to take risks in a safe, inclusive environment
  • Building STEM program; maker space lab almost ready in basement; robotics, computer engineering program, innovation hub being led by a new teacher with background in Engineering – focus on Women in STEM
  • Science Department – working to partner with outside organizations for new and exciting programs
  • LPTV – mobile studio being built within LP Film program – interviewing, editing film, lighting, video, building virtual Grade 8 Info night with skills of LP students; finding new ways to communicate in a challenging time; student announcements / morning broadcasts, student podcasts, Student YouTube channel
  • Housekeeping Item – Marks for Quad 1? Marks will be distributed to students this week from teachers via printout, Google Classroom or Brightspace. Deadline for teachers to provide marks is this FRIDAY (Nov. 2 deadline to drop course without penalty)
  • Issue with bicycles – 2 messages sent out in The EYE; student bicycles not being locked outside the school; 5-6 bikes were stolen from school property last year; parents encouraged to purchase effective bike locks to deter thefts, DO NOT leave bikes unlocked
  • Graduation 2021? Everything is on hold for 2020 Graduation acknowledgements – all school in TDSB in same situation; no planning can be done yet ie. photos; must ensure safe COVID protocols are met prior to having a photo day – pending with TDSB
  • Grad photos are generally later in the school year
  • 2020 Grads – diplomas and yearbooks will be distributed – dates TBD, as per TDSB
  • Some monetary awards / scholarships – plaques to be ordered and presented to students
  • LP Pins have been ordered for all Grads – represents connection to LP

Parent Question: where can we find teacher emails?
A. School website find it under parent info, otherwise, call the main office line or email one of the VPs or Principal Flahat to request the missing email address (website currently being updated with all up-to-date info)

Parent Question: are there online clubs running? Is there a list somewhere?
A. Yes, lots of clubs running (i.e. dance show), clubs can run as long as they’re done safely – list of all clubs will be shared via The Eye shortly

Parent Question:  Lock and secure incident at a schools to the west of Allenby today. Did LP hear from Police Services?
A. No, we were not contact by TPS.

Current Numbers:
1150 students at LP
Virtual school – 127 LP students
Some students left for private / Catholic schools
Motion to approve last minutes
Motion to approve: John Hiddema
Second: Erika Boone
Motion to adjourn meeting: Jen Tse
Second: Kelly Green