Minutes June 3, 2024

LPCI School Council Meeting Minutes: June 3, 2024 @7pm in school library

1. Welcome Remarks
a. Approve Agenda – Motion passed.
b. Approve Minutes of May 7, 2024 – Motion passed.
2. Student Council Report
a. Student Council Election – new ppl coming in; very successful candidates and successful election.
b. Prom was great. Everyone enjoyed.
c. Grad/Commencement – June 26th.
d. Spring Fling went well. Bands, D.J. Face-painting. All home form reps helped with booths. Inflatables in the field. Food trucks in the parking lot. Hope it can be repeated as an annual event.
e. Flag Football Team (Girls) going to city finals.
f. Culminating and Final Exams on the horizon.
g. Next Friday (June 14) yearbooks being handed out.

QUESTION: Reflecting on all you did. What was most memorable? What could be improved on? Response: Parent Council was great help. Silent auction items/ baking/ Personal favourite was haunted house. Should be an annual.

COMMENT: On behalf of the school, Student Council was outstanding. Great working relationships.
3.Principals Report
a. Thank LPCI school council for all support. Thank the executive and all the niche portfolios. We have made great strides.
b. Elder Dr. Duke Redbird – event. May 28th – very successful. As a mode of learning to bring stake holders together. We should reflect on what item we tackle as a group for next year. Looking at social media/mental health. How we manage this and look at a wellness component. Will stay away from May next year for the event.
c. 2024/25 year
i. Library to be renovated. May affect students during the school year. Approx. a 2–3-month job. Will need to look for alternate spaces for lunchtime study. Modernize but not lose the LPCI feel.
ii. Computer lab (across from main office) substantial purchase of equipment. This was due to the fundraising at 80’s Craze. Will be a computer lab that is used as alternate space during lunch hour.
iii. Turf project is on plan for Summer 2025. Still negotiating the track, stands, bubble over top.
iv. “Hogwart” the school in September. Starting with Gr.9 on retreat – divided into 5 groups randomly. Look at success with Gr 9 and then maybe add to Gr. 10 and upwards. Compete some type of competitive structure to the houses. Help promote school spirit. The five groups will be dedicated to the 5 groups that we partnered with for fundraising. Will not be Harry Potter names but instead use something like variations of panthers as names. T-shirts/Bandanas to identify by colour. No scarves (sorry MG)
v. May/June too busy. Admin would like to look at relieving the schedule in May/June so less events. Take a look at what events could happen during other months.

QUESTION: Could event dates be sent to parents in early September (once dates set) so community is aware of what’s hitting when. Plan better to increase attendance rate.

RESPONSE: Yes, Will put idea forward to admin. Master calendar with Council at beginning of year. Need to set dates so conflicts avoided.

QUESTION: New cell phone ban. Do you have idea how it will play out?

RESPONSE: No idea at this point. There needs to be training for staff. Not very different from current policy that cell phones only for educational purposes. Many teachers already handle this well and need to work with all staff, so they are comfortable.

QUESTION: Format for the breakfast after the commencement.

RESPONSE: Will discuss further down when Andrea makes Gr. 12 Rep report.
4. Council Chair Update
a. Looking for new members and returning members. Please consider being an active participant. Election process will be in the fall.
b. Mid-Town Council Chairs Working Group. Every few months have a zoom call with neighbouring schools to keep the pulse with other schools. We have similar issues/challenges/successes. Great to share best practices. Currently 6 schools are participating.
c. June 13th Athletic Banquet – LPAC organizes. Any student may attend – no need to be on a team. $65.00 Tickets available at School Cashonline. Semi-formal attire. No tie required. Also recognizes the contribution of coaches for the enormous time commitment.
d. Staff appreciation lunch – sign up please on signup genius. Many roles to be filled. MG will remind staff about date in weekly email.
5. Council Committee Updates
a. Grade 12 Rep.
i. It’s a big role that requires 2 ppl. We have 2 parents interested who will be officially elected in the fall. Handover notes will be available. New parents need more access to email system to contact parents directly instead of M.G.
1. 3 Webinars – timelines worked well this year.
2. Grad Lawn Signs – should be streamlined for earlier.
a. SUGGESTION: Can we order earlier – order Nov and deliver in March. Family can put up whenever they like.
b. Suggest using a new company for next year. It was our artwork so can use any company.
3. Post-Commencement Breakfast – kids return to school with cap and gown to grab their diploma. All set up in foyer – cupcakes, loot bags, etc. Runs for a few hours. June 27th
4. Banners – need to be removed on June 27th and stored safely so we can keep track of them
5. Prom on May 31st. Thanks to staff who helped chaperone.
6. Commencement is completely run by school – not council. Any questions direct to school admin.
7. Grad hoodies handled by school – not Grade 12 rep. Grads had hoodies for 2nd semester this year – great work!
b. French as a 2nd Language
i. Repeat info about two programs that were promoted last time. Please see Minutes from May LPCI Council Meeting.
c. Extra Curriculars
i. Relay for Life – LPCI Council, students, staff participated. Students raised close to $20K for Canadian Cancer Society. Great community aspect. Excellent support on the day.
ii. Dinner Theatre – May 16. Worked with Alex Stamp to have dinner at intermission. Many student volunteers. Local business – Adam Weiner sponsored. Souvlaki and Panini supplied food. 60-65 attended. Great initiative that should be continued. Can be moved out of May to another month if works for Mr. Stamp. Assign to another production.
d. Alumni Association
i. Due to donations from 80’s craze silent auction. Portion of funds will go to Alumni scholarship. ($250) Will go on in perpetuity. Alumni has set criteria for the award: Students who participate in at least 2 school activities and attend/support school initiatives. Staff and Admin chose the student. Inaugural award will be given at 2024 grad.
6. Treasurers Report
a. To be posted as separate document when available.
7. Other:
a. Thanks to Andrea F.
b. Thanks to Jen D.
c. Thanks to the Executive Council (all named by Lana S) who worked tirelessly on many events throughout the year.
d. Thanks to parent community, LPCI administrators, staff, and community at large who made it a successful year.
e. Thanks to Katherine O. for leading two outstanding events – 80’s Craze; Holiday Tasting Tour
f. Thanks to Marni S. – amazing leader who is attends everything. Never says no and leads by example.
g. Marketing and Communications role. Needs someone who knows WordPress.
8. Adjourn
a. Motion to adjourn. Passed.