Minutes November 20, 2023

LPCI School Council Meeting                www.lpschoolcouncil.ca

20 Nov2023 @6:30pm Virtual format

Next Meeting: Dec 18, 2023 @ 6:30p.  virtual format only

1.Welcome Remarks

  • Approve Agenda – Motion to approve – Approved.
  • Approve Minutes from October 16 – Motion to approve. Approved.
  • Minutes have been uploaded on LPCI School Council Website

2. Principal’s Report

  • Heating system will be changed over summer.  Massive reno and hopefully will not affect too many classes.   Equipment will already begin to arrive prior to end of school year.  Reno will be done at same time as library renovations. 
  • Still need to hear about the turf.  Will send email this week.
  • Report cards distributed last week.  Never flawless because system can be overwhelmed by the entire TDSB sending at same time.  The reports followed successful parent-teacher mtgs.  Any questions re report cards pls reach out to school.  
  • Upcoming events: Holiday Tasting Tour.  Music/drama productions in December.
  • Girls basketball made it to OFSAA.  Electrified school   Looking for good results this upcoming weekend at OFSAA. 
  • Winter sports (outdoor and indoor) are in full swing.
  • Post-secondary applications prep in full swing.  Be sure to make appointments with guidance. Scholarship presentation was extremely detailed and number of opportunities available to students. Not all scholarships/bursaries are dictated by marks.  Presentation was recorded and will be posted shortly on website.
  • Question?  Update on pool.  Response:  Strong feeling that it will not be available for this school year.  The new heating system being installed in school will probably coincide with update to pool.  Administration is asking many questions and making every effort to get answers. 
  • Question? Would a parent petition be appropriate?  Response:   Appealing as individuals should be satisfactory to start and then explore the idea of a petition at a further date.
  • Question?  Status of boys’ washrooms.  Response: 3rd floor washroom under repair and will be done soon. Other washrooms are in working order.
  • Question? Can the green house (on second floor) be repaired at same time as other repairs to school.  Response: Work orders have been put in. 
  • Question? Can we request a presentation from Paul Davis (speaker re social media safety).  Response: We don’t have plans to bring him in to LP.  If parent community would like to have Paul or someone similar, then email council and we can discuss.  Some parents reached out that they were frustrated to hear about Northern SS speaking engagement only 24 hr before.  Marni is in touch with other schools (secondary and feeder) to exchange info or partner together.   Talking about bring Duane Morgan back who does a great presentation on social media. 
  • Question? Are there efforts to resurrect work out room/weight room?  Response: Unofficially this is open, but schedule is fluid as teachers need to make a regular commitment to monitor.  Will investigate this and update status.
  • Question? Info on ski team.  Response: All info will in the EYE.  A team has been approved.  Currently figuring out the competition/practice days.

3.  Student Council Report

  • Equity Council running Mar 4-8 multicultural week. 
  • Equity training on Nov 8 for Equity Council, Buddies and Lawrence Leaders.
  • Mirror Project – positive messages around bathroom mirror.  Can write notes and supportive messages.
  • Budgets.    Various councils know that there is an application form for them to apply for supportive funds. Students would go to their staff advisor to complete form.
    • Question? Is this on top of budgets that councils have already submitted?  Response: Yes.  You can ask for more money.
  • Stem Council hosted an event Nov 20 with Career Hub Club.  Speaker from UofT.
  • Charity week.  Assembly Nov 20 went well.  All participating councils spoke at assembly.  Councils have lunchtime events.  Students trade in tickets in exchange for item.  Friday – 35 booths with all home form classes.  Tickets and info on SchoolCash online.  CAMH is charity being supported.  
  • Holiday Tasting Tour – Wed Nov 22
    • Student Council working on silent auction that will go online.
    • Drama Council having a promotional interactive event at the tasting tour. 
  • December Spirit Day will be cookie decorating.  Need sugar cookies.  Thursday Dec 7. 
  • January Spirit Day will be therapy dogs in the gyms.

4. Committee Updates:

  • Chair/Vice Chair
  • Direct donation drive.  Goal was 10K to go towards refurbishing greenhouse, update science lab, and other school initiatives.  LP community stepped up and raised $15,635.
  • Halloween.  BSA and SC joined forces to have haunted hallway and a bake sale.  Funds raised to be donated to charity – charity still tbd. Hundreds of kids went through hallway.  Would like it to be a new LP tradition.
  • Senior Art Show.  Nov 23  6-9p at Brookfield Place (Dwtn Toronto).  LP artists will be displaying artwork at this event. 
  • Fundraising – Holiday Tasting Tour
  • Doubled restaurants from last year.  Wed Nov 22 5:30-7:30p.  North Gym – Restaurants.  South Gym – Vendors, Silent Auction, Entertainment.  Tickets $10adult/$5 student. Drama Club and School Band participating. Selfie Station with props on site.
  • Encourage feeder schools and other secondary schools to participate. 
  • Push for ticket sales.  Just at 150pp. Hoping to double numbers. SchoolCash online for LP.  Link will be posted for ppl outside LP who are interested.  Question?  Will there be tickets sales at the door?  Response: Yes. 
  • Grade 12 Webinars
  • Ways to pay for post-secondary school. Suzanne Tyson presented.  All info from presentation (including recording) will be on LP site.  In future, would be worthwhile to put out to other school communities. 
  • Next in Feb.  LP grads (currently in 1st yr university/college) to weigh-in on their experiences.  Probably keep this one to LP community only.   Very popular with students.   Info will be in the EYE.
  • Marketing/Communications
  • New website launched with great contractor.  $800 stipend was initially set aside for her time.  Feel that contractor should be paid in the line of $1200 due to the amount of work for launch and her availability on an ongoing basis.  Question?   Can we ask contractor to do an online webinar to assist in the future for new council marketing team. Response: Plan is to document all steps for the different types of postings to be shared with future council/marketing chairs.
  • Motion to set amount at $1200 for contractor payment.    Motion passed. 
  • Equity
  • Indigenous Education mtg held.  Collective schools have connected with leaders in the Indigenous community to come up with most appropriate land acknowledgement statement.  It has been summarized and brought forward for review.  Explained the sensitivity around land acknowledgement to be accurate.  LPCI plans to have new land acknowledgement for next year.
  • Facilities
    • Turf Update:  Nothing further yet.  Going through motions of negotiations and will negotiate with vendors during the season when prices are lower.  Will send quick “hey there” email.

5. Adam Andrews – Cecil Community Centre  – – Youth Program Coordinator

  • Adam addressed the meeting to inform LPCI of the programs available at the CC.
  • Located near College and Spadina.  Many programs available for youth – free and volunteer opportunities.  
  • Drop-in for homework, basketball, cooking.
  • Free tutoring services – students can volunteer as a tutor or receive tutoring.  UofT students are tutors.
  • Community Dinner Dec 11.  Free meal and giveaways for families. 
  •  Adam’s info will be supplied to guidance dept at LPCI.
  • Question?  Are there any eco-initiatives at the centre.  Response: In a small way the CC has a gardening club pairing students with our seniors at the centre. 

6. Treasurers Report

  • Report available in separate document on lpci council website.

7. Other Business

  • Staff Appreciation Lunch to be held on Dec 14.  Volunteers required.

8. Motion to Adjourn.    Passed.