Minutes September 17, 2018

LPCI School Council Meeting

7:00pm, Library

Next meeting: October 29

Attendees:  Cristina de Santis, Sharon Gregory, Xiaoli Tang, Kathy Dumanski, Suzanne Sparrow, Dorothy Carson, Petra Hamann, Veronica Bric, Jacqueline Fry, Michelle Cha, Dani Morrison, Ian Aukema, Julie Sole, Julia Bai, Bryan Seaton, Veronica Bak, Kelly Green, Anne Marie Armstrong, Suzanne Duras, Liz Hanson, Jennifer Wilmer, Jean Choi, Alex Yeon, Ertugrul Gundogdu, Gillian Wyett, Gabriella Schiavoni, Angela Brown, Jennifer Tiviluk, Erika Boone, Joel Gorenkoff, Steve Bibla, Ruth Kelly, Anna Richter

*Some* Upcoming Important Dates: (check LP website for complete list of important dates, or below for more dates). This is not an inclusive list of events.

Sept 17th Deca – had business meeting 9/17/18

Sept 18th Photo day

Sept 21st (Friday) LP vs NT Exhibition Football game, donations accepted for John Howard Society. – Encourage all parents to come out and have some fun. 3:30pm Friday.

Sept 22nd Apply for Home Form Reps

Sept 25th Grade 9 – 12 Curriculum Night

Sept 27th Club Assembly

Sept 28th Terry Fox Run – run by wellness committee (Oct 1st rain date)

Early October Dance show auditions

1-2 weeks after Spirit Assembly

October 9th Missed photo day.

Oct 12th Friday night lights – two Football games under the lights, bbq,

Oct 18th Thornhill outdoor camp for Grade 9’s

Oct 25th Award Assembly

Oct 25th Costume ball – 7 pm – 10pm

Nov 19-23 Charity Week

  1. Student Council Report: Madelyn & Will
    • Dance show Auditions  –  October
    • Goal: Equitable, equity; important to ensure all students are accounted for and included.
    • Sports teams have started
    • Thursday – grade 9 activity day.
    • LPAC – helping with Grade 9 Activity day and planning inter-murals.
    • Classics club – starting soon. Studying ancient civilization and competes against other schools.
    • Drama Council – plan Remembrance Day assembly
    • Wellness Committee – Sept 28th (Oct 1) running Terry Fox run – Goal to raise $5000
    • SPC cards –Student Council will promote. School gets $2 for each one sold.
    • Friday Sept 22 – Spirit assembly  – Each club will showcase
    • Home Form rep – 2 per class, and link between class and School Council.  Would like people that participate to really want to.
    • Nov 19 – 23  – Charity week
    • Semi-Formal: Cost has been high while attendance low as students attend off site – non school event instead, (Grades 10-12) considering alternative Coffee house / Talent show with food in cafeteria, more fun skits. Or Much Video may sponsor the dance. Find out this week if we get the sponsorship.
    • Advice to Grade 9’s nervous to go out for clubs – suggest to just go for it and attend clubs or intermural (form your own team or talk to teacher in charge).
    • Costume ball in October– always a great success.  (9 – 12)
    • Facebook LP Announcements page– encourage the kids to follow
  2. School Council Report: Erika Boone
    • Approval of May 7th minutes – motion to approve by Brian Seaton, seconded by Veronica Bak
    • 2018/2019 Executive (acclaimed)
      • Chair: Anna Richter
      • Past Chair: Erika Boone
      • Secretary: Liz Hanson
      • Treasurer: Tina Eng
      • Web/Communications: Julie Sol
      • Wellness Committee Chair: Kelly Green
      • Safe & Caring Representative: Veronica Bak
      • Fundraising Committee Chair:  Anne Marie Armstrong
      • motion to approve by Dorothy Carson, seconded by Jennifer Wilmer
  3. Comments from Chair / now Past Chair Erika Boone
  4. Fundraising Update:
    • Direct donation raised only $6,690 in 2017/18 school year.
    • Fundraiser March/18 and raised another $13,500 for new Health and Wellness room.
    • Money from Direct Donations online goes to Student Enrichment funds. All students and teachers can apply for this fund. We are spending what we are collecting. (see website for complete list)
    • Language department – Benais – Breakout EDU class bundle $350
    • Rugby team: Boys & Girls (both got new shirts) $750 + $800
    • Cooking :Sansaire sous-vide $345
    • Art : Mural supplies $180
    • Pole vaulting team – provided funds for half a pole
    • Bursary for music trip. 175 students did East Coast Trip. $1900
    • Drama:  new books
    • School Newspaper: needed new software
    • See balance sheet of funds.  $1500 closing balance end of 2017/18 school year.
    • Direct donation will kick off end of September.
    • Decisions have been made at the council executive level.
  5. New Chair Report: Anna Richter
    • Thanked Erika for her role as Chair for past 2 years. Welcomes all parents.
    • This is OUR council; it is what WE make it.
    • Invites parents to email if they’d like to add to the agenda. If can provide 10 days before meeting, we can have a more informed discussion at the meeting.
    • There may be individual councils to address some specific programs, but this council is for things that involve common ground (e.g. English & Math curricula, requirements for principal, EQAO results, graduation and celebrations) and is a more inclusive community.
    • School council can bridge student cliques and parent silos by acting collectively
    • School council can also help smaller groups that have limited resources.
    • Mandate of school council per Ont. regulation 612– improve student academic achievement & make recommendations to the school & board.
    • Responsibilities of School Council includes completion of forms required by TDSB and Min of Ed eg: annual statement to board regarding parents’ aspirations for the role of the principal; and financial statements. We need volunteers to help with these too.
    • Parent Council will receive any donations and provide taxable donation receipt for any online donations.
    • Municipal Election upcoming- Oct 22, public school trustee is very important to the school (re: community concerns, board agendas, board policies under review including equity, achievement and wellness, and collective bargaining e.g. teachers and school maintenance unions). Please inform yourselves and vote.
    • There are a variety of ways to get involved: volunteering time and/or money –advocacy letter writing, fundraising, baking, etc.
  6. Grad Survey: TDSB suggests councils conduct surveys. So we did:
    • Council sent to 2017 & 201818 grad glass.
    • List of suggested improvements from 2017/18 Grade 12 Grads shared (will be on LP School Council Website soon)
  7. 2018/2019 Proposed Initiatives List (will be on LP School Council Website soon)
    • Consultative: please indicate which initiatives you would support so we can plan for the year
    • Evolving document
  8. School’s Report & Staff Update
    • Principal Report: Joel Gorenkoff
    • Thanks for attending
    • Parents can offer good input to their teachers/school of their children.
    • Communication
    • A lot goes out, but a lot is very important.
    • Recommends school website for calendar and announcements
    • Fridays: “Eye” goes out by email to all parents. Important info goes out.
    • Today important form went out in home form re 21C learning.
    • Digital board in front of school –updates
    • Guidance – Every student assigned guidance councillor per last name.
    • Vice Principals – All students are assigned one by last name.
      • A – L – Vice Principal Steve Bibla
      • M – Z – Vice Principal Ruth Kelly
    • Student numbers – Sized for 1130 students, but have 1200 student
    • Some students are being moved to new classes as class sizes are re-aligned.
    • Legally obligated to balance classes, more classes may come if new teachers are brought on board.
    • Went from 6 students coming from at Bedford Park into grade 9 to 58 students this year.
    • Grade 9 – 12 Curriculum Night – Tuesday September 25th – Opportunity to spend time in your students’ shoes and hear what they’ll be studying, work ethic. It is not for understanding how your child is doing, it’s not a meet the teacher individually, that will be in November. Last year this was just for Grade 9; this year it is for all grades. Students’ schedules will available in lobby. All courses will be showcased.
    • School Calendar:
      • no hard copy calendar this year, online calendar is master copy.
  9. Vice Principal Report:  Ruth Kelly
    • Principal and Vice Principal encourage teachers to call parents to communicate concerns to avoid ‘surprises’.
    • Guidance Councillor content: Useful links on the website
    • Per School Calendar: ALL these events and dates are on the LP website:
    • Report Cards:
      • Nov 15th – first report cards come out. (Nov 20th – Parent interviews. Sign up online to book appointments)Feb 7th – second report cardFeb 12th – Parent night (parent interviews)April 12 – third report card.June 24th – Exam review day – very important to attend and review; students may see where they went wrong, and even add it up.
    • Sept 21st (Friday) – LP Football game, donations for John Howard Society. Encourage all parents to come out and have some fun. 3:30pm Friday.
    • October 9th – Missed photo day.
    • Oct 12th – Friday Night Lights – two Football games under the lights, bbq
    • Oct 18th – Thornhill Outdoor Camp for Grade 9’s
    • Oct 14 – 15th Buddy’s go to Camp Olympia for Leadership Event.
    • Oct 25th  – Award Assembly
    • Oct 25th – Costume Ball – 7 pm – 10pm (all grades)
    • December 5th – United Artist for a Cause – Student participation
    • January: Grade 12 students – end of Calculus / functions, same for Civics and Careers. Grade 12 students will have that one exam in January
    • Feb 14th 3:30 – 6pm: Cupids Café – instead of Semi-Formal.
    • Feb; Pink shirt day – Say NO to bullying.
    • March 27th: Grade 10 OSSLT Literacy Test.
    • April:  Another report card, lots of activities – School play
    • May: Summatives start which are 30% of grade for courses that have summatives.
    • May: Spring Fling
    • May 10th: Prom –. Outside guests are allowed. Forms required.
    • June 26th: Commencement at Parkview Manor; 392 students graduating.
  10. Teacher Report:  Suzanne Sparrow
    • Teacher representative for School Council (Grade 9 Geography Teacher)
    • Shares information from meeting back to the staff.
  11. Vice Principal Report: Steve Bibla
    • Google Form parents should have been received – School Consent Form to opt out. If not signed, students will use the software provided by TDSB.
    • Global Competency, 21th century learning
    • Need to ensure the staff uses the technology in a way that allows teaching better than has been done before, and uses the technology to the fullest to change the way we do things. Training planned.
    • New Locker registration software. Students to login to register lockers
    • New math textbooks – $100 / hardcopy textbook, 300 @ Grade 11 students = $30,000 and locks the school into that textbook for about 10 years.  Vs $6/student/year for digital copy. So not just financial benefits but more manageable to be current on learning.
    • Facebook – School doesn’t manage any Facebook sites. Students manage some, clubs manage some. School doesn’t promote Facebook pages.
    • School website becoming very up to date. Digital Literacy role was advertised last year and now have Christina Shin, who is working really hard on the website. Must also be in compliant with Accessibility Act (AODA) and each item must have text to voice enabled.
    • Suggestions – if parents have ideas to communicate better let them know. Send ideas in via School Council, or VPs.
    • Cell phone policy – At teacher’s discretion in classroom. TDSB had previously cut Netflix, Snapchat so students couldn’t access them in school, but TDSB allows it now because educational materials found there too.

Parent Questions and Comments

Question: Grade 9 may find it very hard to put together a team of friends for inter-murals can there be a sign up list for individuals who want to play inter-murals?

Response from Student Council:

  • Can sign up for some things through Wellness Committee e.g. open basketball games

Response from Principal Gorenkoff

  • There should be.  Principal will speak to teachers in charge to ensure all students are welcome.

Comment: a directory of facebook pages for student clubs and councils would be helpful

Response from School Council:

  • Can be done; can post a directory

Question: Request update on math teachers.

Response from Principal Gorenkoff

  • Fully staffed other than half history position. Takes about 3 weeks to post/interview/etc. 6 math vacancies heading into the summer. Very few math teachers available in the system. French is also hard to hire for.
  • Mandated TDSB put in strict hiring process the school has to follow.
  • 31 for grade 11, max to go is 34
  • 135% capacity

Comment re Exams – one parent felt students reviewing in late June is too late.

Response from VP Kelly

  • stay in touch with student’s teachers throughout the year

Question: safeguarding digitized personal information of students e.g.: teacher recommending ‘tell us about yourself’ form completion on google docs: who has access; how is that secured?

Also re personal OSR files including sensitive material around suspensions, custody, assessments, etc.

Response from VP Bibla:

  • only teacher has access to Google docs
  • TDSB has private dedicated Google servers for Google docs and OSRs


  • Jacqueline Fry and Kelly Green motion to adjourn meeting.

NEXT MEETING:  October 29, 2018, 7pm, Library