Minutes September 18, 2023

LPCI School Council Meeting
Monday, September 18, 2023 @ 7pm in the Library

Next Meeting: Monday, October 16 at 6:30pm on ZOOM
Council Attendees: Principal Michael Griesz, VP Emily Saylor, NEW! VP Lorraine Sutherns, NEW!
Head of Guidance Christina Meyer, Past Chair Liz Hanson, Past Co-Chair Jennifer Dobson, Suzanne
Duras, John Hiddema, Andrea Fry, Elena Solokhina, Lori Rosenberg, Megan Fahlenbok, Robin
Conliffe, Patricia Kay, Marni Shulman, Lana Sheinbaum, Jennifer Tse
Important Dates:
Wednesday, September 20th – Photo Day
Thursday, September 21st 5:45 – 6:30 pm – Curriculum Night Reception
Friday, September 28th 7:00pm – Webinar – University Prep, Navigating the Application Process

  • Welcome Remarks & Introductions of new staff – NEW VP Lorraine Sutherns, NEW Head of Guidance Christina
  • Motion to approve Agenda Jennifer Dobson, Seconded by Liz Hansen
  • Student Council Report
  • Principal’s Report
  • Brief Introduction to School Council
  • School Council Election/Acclimation
  • Brief School Council Chair Update
    Student Council Report: Ruby & Braden
  • Student Council Representatives: Ruby and Braden NEW Liaison Officers
  • All clubs and councils are starting and are currently in motion with first meetings
  • Club Assembly took place today to promote clubs – videos, slide shows
  • Club Fair tomorrow at lunch in both gyms with desks and signage, candy, games, etc.
  • Meet club heads tomorrow at the Club Fair
  • Spirit Week this week, run by SC – today Jersey Day, Rodeo Day, PJ Day, (Picture Day this
    Wednesday), Barbinheimer Day on Thursday, Friday Blue & Gold Day
  • Equity Rep Ryan
  • Orange Shirt Day events in class and with Council (October)
  • Curriculum Night Thursday – Clubs and SC reps on site to answer questions
  • LPAC – started sports and tryouts and team assignments and players etc.
  • Boys Football, Girls Basketball, Cross-Country, Intramurals up and running
  • Home Form Reps started this week – a way to get involved in laid-back roles; students can be
    elected or selected by first class of the day
  • Monthly meeting with SC Reps once a month – Charity Week (Nov. 12), mandatory PreReq to
    join SC, elections held today and tomorrow in period, voice class opinions to SC, great way for
    new students to get involved
  • 11 students on SC (grade 10 – 12); Grade 9 students can run at year-end to join council the
    following year
  • LP Wear designs being finalized, orders end of Oct/Nov, everything in by Xmas for pick-up,
    tentative (based on suppliers), designs will be posted on IG, efficiency of purchase in the works
  • Panther Print newspaper and yearbook getting up and running
  • Lawrence Leaders meeting monthly (club heads and SC reps) to discuss issues and things to
    improve around the school; meeting took place last Friday re: Spirit Week, next meeting on Sept
    29 to discuss Orange Shirt Day and October events to come
  • Look at “The Eye” (emailed Fridays every week), Instagram pages to stay informed, students
    listen to announcements 2nd period daily
  • 2 student reps per class on SC
  • Terry Fox Run and lots of Halloween activities planned for this year
  • Bella Massey and Jacob Lang are our student event coordinators for this school year
  • Food Bank down on Volunteers, when food is collected, student volunteers can sort food into
    groupings before sending it to the bank – opportunity for students to collect volunteer hours
  • NEW website www.lpschoolcouncil.ca
    Principal’s Report – Michael Griesz
  • New Leadership Team (POR – Positions of Responsibility) to propel curriculum pedagogy,
    forward-thinking movement at LP; 18 heads of departments at the school (ACL – Assistant
    Curriculum Leaders)
  • Working at modernizing the facilities, strong vision for the school will be played out throughout
    the school year
  • The Eye – edited by Mr. Griesz on TDSB-approved platform – imbedded attachment sent via
    email on Fridays weekly
  • Incorporating a strong Indigenous narrative into our curriculum, learning extends to staff,
    parents and caregivers in the broader community
  • Bringing school-wide learning to parents and caregivers
  • next SC meeting will have info on Orange Shirt Day, guest teachers, heads of departments will
    be involved, as well
  • Fundraising – need to prioritize learning that goes along with the giving; 4 organizations in 4
    different categories will be the focus of our giving (ie. co-op placements, speaking engagements
    at the school with parents, student-run events, etc.); goal is to develop very strong relationships
    with these organizations; staff meeting on Wednesday to select these organizations.
  • Fundraising initiatives to be directed to Library facilities improvement scheduled for between
    June – August 2024
  • 4 categories: Local Community, Health & Wellness, International, Environmental
  • Review of these organizations will take place annually
  • Alumni Association Rep on School Council – NEW position
  • Curriculum Night on Thursday evening – parents and students welcome to attend (generally
    attended by junior student families (Grade 9 parents))
  • School Council is doing a Welcome for new parents prior to formal event (5:45pm small
    reception for new families)
    Introduction to School Council (Jennifer Dobson, Marni Shulman)
    School Council Election (Michael Griesz)
    Filled Roles:
    Chair – Marni Shulman
    Vice Chair – Lana Scheinbaum
    Co-Treasurers – Patricia Kay, Daniel Sinclair (NEW)
    Past Chair – Jennifer Dobson
    Fundraising Co-Chairs – Katherine O’Neill (NEW), Erika Boone
    Marketing & Communication Co-Chairs – Lori Rosenberg, David Heath (NEW)
    Welcome Committee Co-Chairs – Suzanne Duras, Elena Solokhina
    Parent Engagement Rep & Social Media – Megan Fahlenbock
    Environmental Committee – Elena Solokhina
    Wellness Committee Co-Chairs – Sandra Gonzalves (NEW), Megan Fahlenbock
    Community Members – John Hiddema, Liz Hanson
    Extra-Curricular & Social Events – Jennifer Dobson
    Facilities Improvements – Phillip Roberts, Rui Taborna
    FSLAC – Robin Conliffe
    Alumni Rep – Liz Hanson
    Grade 12 Rep – Andrea Fry
    Secretary – Laura Meehan
    Equity Committee Co-Chairs – Maryam Mohajer, ?
    Parent Volunteer Coordinators – Maryam Mohajer, ?
    Safe & Caring School Rep – Halima?
    Ward 8 Rep – Marisa Petersen
    General Director – Mahsa Taheri
    Motion to Adjourn: Marni Shulman
    Seconded: Megan Fahlenbock
    Meeting Adjourned: 8:30 pm
    Next Council Meeting – Monday, October 16 @ 6:30pm (Virtual)
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    NEW! Website www.lpschoolcouncil.ca