Minutes September 8, 2014

LPCI School Council Meeting

In attendance: G.Wyett, L Gray, P Sweeney, T Eakins, L Fedryk, J Jaffary, J Yacoub, M. Schummer, J Rother, S Paetkau, M Chibba, L Addis, W Sheremata, L Turkish, M Wyndham, C Kielly, S. Kosmopoulos, L Kennedy, D Carson, V Becic, D. Boughner, L. Jovanovic, M. Gurgol, R. Kelly, M. Laidlaw

  1. Welcome by Chair ( /L. Gray) Gillian is no longer the Co-ChairL. Gray thanked all the parents that are back this year and welcomed the new parents for coming tonight.
  2. Review and approval of agendaMotion – J Rather Seconded by – L Fedryk
  3. Approval of June 2, 2014 Council meeting minutes
  • L Gray approved minutes Seconded by P. Sweeney

4. Student update

  • Katie G. and Ben C.B. (we don’t use student’s last names in minutes) provided us with a great update on the first week activities.
  • Grade 9 Orientations going very well.
  • Everyone is settling in well this week. Lots of activities have started including Cross Country and tennis. Grade 9 Activity Day scheduled to be a great success. LP Wear starts this week. Clothing items for sale.
  • spirit week starts September 22nd.
  • Grade 9, going to Camp Olympia. Decided to take all 387 Grade 9’s which will be a great week of continued orientation.
  • October 24 is Costume Ball – Senior Dance for Grades 11 & 12.

5. Principal’s Update

  • Introducing new staff this year. We have a new Vice Principal R Kelly and a new Staff (teacher) Rep. M Lidlaw
  • Guidance team is strong. We have teacher transferred to Guidance – M. Fisher who has joined K Mitchell and A. Bahl.
  • Discussed weekly updates posted on website.
  • Teaching Staff – Good news. Increase because at 142% school capacity due to increasing enrollment
  • 1298 students registered (last year 1238), 32 – waiting to be registered. Estimated tota is 1330 vs fire code of 1368.
  • 72 teachers from last year 68 fulltime and 8 part time.
  • Received phone calls from parents regarding supply teachers. Sadly 1 teacher on medical leave and 2.5 vacancies. Interviews for cooking and hospitality teachers.
  • Last year we ended school year trying to create new classrooms due to increasing enrollment. We were successful. We need to be patient. Every classroom has seats. Maximum 33 students. Need to get whiteboards.
  • Two Music classrooms of 40.
  • 2 camps Music and Olympia.
  • Timetable Pick up went smoothly.
  • Receiving Grade 9’s – Moving Up went very well. Wednesday morning – Buddies go into Grade 9 classes (60-70 buddies).
  • New Superintendent – Peter Chang.

Parent Concern:
D. Boughner raised ongoing concerns about

  • Not enough support for the amount of students.
  • Review of space issues and programs issues.
  • Opportunities for parents to join committee.
  • Open School/ Development in neighbourhood / Cheating/ Great school are all the main drivers of increasing # of students
  • Kids that legitimately live in neighbourhood should be first priority
  • Decision to close school needs to happen in first quarter. Meet with Superintendent to make a decision of closing the optional attendance
  • Chair Update
    • Positions available on Council.
    • Treasurer, WebMaster, Secretary, Co – Chair are vacant.
    • J Yacoub volunteered for Secretary (M. Schummer back up should she not attend meeting due to work travel).
    • M. Schummer will be the WebMaster.
    • G. Wyett – will be Treasurer.
    • G. Wyett indicated that L. Addis is willing to volunteer as co-chair noting she would only be in the school this year and the position is a two year term. Principal Jovanovic indicated she felt it is important that the person would serve 2 years for continuity.
  • Other Business
  • Band teacher who retired.
  • Create list of people willing to help with music. We need a full time band teacher but only have one-half based on student numbers. We need to check with Board
  • Candidate of school trustee to come and speak at our next Council meeting. We need to check the TDSB rules. David will work on co-ordinating
  • Teacher contract being negotiated for this year. Will there be any risk of union action/ labour unrest?
  • M. Gurgol let us know there is no news to report.
  • J Rother suggested that she contact Dr Marshall Korenblum to be a speaker on adolescent depression. We got awarded a ministry parent involvement grant for a speaker on mental health and substance abuse.
  • L. Turkish was supposed to do presentation on TDSB student survey. We will schedule a night outside of Parent Council meeting. L Turkish will supply dates.
  • D. Boughner asked about Capital investments based on fire inspection of last year. Principal says “all ok”. We need a new staffroom because old one being used as a classroom. Auditorium looks amazing.
  • New Grade 9 parents acknowledged what a great job has been done with Orienting grade 9”s. Grade 9’s have felt so supported and are getting oriented very well. The more involved we are as parents the more benefit to our students. Being aware on a deeper level.
  • Last Question – what about Field trips for Grade’s 10 -12? Response from Principal, we have more field trips than other schools and doing our best.


The meeting adjourned at 8:35
The next meeting will be held October 6th at 7:00 in the Library.