Minutes December 5, 2022

LPCI School Council Meeting
Monday, December 5th, 2022
Next Meeting: Monday, February 26th, 2023 @ 7pm in the library and on Zoom
Attendees: Co-Chair Jen Dobson, Chair Liz Hanson (outgoing), Principal Michael Griesz, Suzanne
Duras, Rui Taborda, Tatiana, Megan Fahlenbok, Philip Roberts, Patricia Kay, Elena Solokhina, Megan
Fahlenbock, Jennifer Tse
Approval of November minutes: motioned to approve Liz Hanson, approved by Rui, seconded by
Philip, all in favour – approved
Vote In and Approve:

  • Ward 8 Rep – Andrea Fry – voted in
  • Wellness Committee – Lara, Tatiana
    Key Dates:
  • Holiday Tasting Tour – Tomorrow Night!
  • Monday, December 12th 8-9pm ZOOM LPCI University Prep Presentation
  • Wednesday, December 14th – Teacher Appreciation Lunch 12-1pm in Library
  1. Student Council Update – Anna Lingard, Emma Watts, Student Liaison Reps
  • LP Wear – Grad Hoodie design has been finalized, on school cash online by the 19th/20th
  • Smaller than usual – size up from what your child normally wears
  • Samples in Room 201 to try on for sizing
  • Athletics – Ski & Snowboard team, Volleyball, Swim, Volleyball intermurals, boys basketball
    hockey, curling, Fitness Centre open M-Th 730-830
  • Cookie Decorating and Candygram sales – 13th and 14th, will use Spirit Cards to purchase
    them via School Cash Online with Google Form link
  • January – therapy dogs for lunch time on Spirit Day! More info to come
  • Charity Week – very successful – ‘Myles Ahead’ is the selected Charity; ongoing online silent
    auction – see the link in The Eye
  • Wellness Fair was today – local businesses had booths, classes visited during Period 1 and
    visited stations with “passport” – visitors who went to at least 5 stations were entered into a
    draw for a prize – first in-person wellness fair since 2019
  1. School’s Report – Principal Michael Griesz
  • Logistics – office staff has changed a bit – making adjustments – newsletter The Eye is now
    being edited by Principal Griesz, apologies for any errors, please contact Mr. Griesz with any
    suggestions – you can reply directly to The Eye newsletter, which will go directly to the
  • Grad Photos finish up this week
  • Fitness Centre open M-Th 730-830, overseen by two teachers
  • Special Ed offering sessions for getting organized for students – lunch on Thursdays room 106
  • Co-Op Opportunities – dual credit opportunities highlighted in The Eye – Business SCHISM
    (Specialist High School Major) looking for a community business partner
    (mentorship/collaboration for Business program) for this accreditation program (business,
    hospitality being offered this year), email Ms. Derryl Fein or Mr. Griesz
  • Tutoring opportunities available – peer tutoring, math drop-in
  • Ms. Saylor, VP, working with department heads and school council to roll out support for
    Grade 12s and other grades which will be writing exams this year, support for families,
    programming in-class, school-wide programming, and collaboration with School Council;
    strategizing and how to approach exams
  • School website is on a TDSB platform and not very user-friendly; looking to have a website on
    an independent platform being explored by Mr. Low, Business Studies; soft launch should be
    rolled out this school year
  • Prime Minister’s Award (STEM teachers) – nominate your teachers! Send an email to a
    teacher to note that they are doing really good work, please email Mr. Griesz directly with
    positive feedback on your child’s teachers
  • Attendance – please download the School Messenger App to report absences, circumventing
    having to phone the office
  • Night School for second semester is OPEN – please check in with your Guidance Counsellor
    PARENT QUESTION: Type of Co-Op opportunities at Sunnybrook?
    Answer – Please reach out to Ms. Fein or Mr. Griesz directly.
    PARENT QUESTION: What is available in the Fitness Centre?
    Answer – Treadmills, bands, weights, only open mornings 730-830 M – Th.
    PARENT QUESTION: How many students can be in the Fitness Room at one time?
    Answer – A full class – at least 30
    PARENT QUESTION: Is there peer-to-peer math tutoring?
    Answer – Arranged between students for in-person and virtual help.
    PARENT QUESTION: Next semester – waitlisted Grade 12 courses – what will students do
    who cannot get into these courses, other than online?
    Answer – Explore all options incl. night school, Catholic night school, asynchronous elearning (ie. not on Zoom); contact your Guidance Counsellor, cc. your VP, OR email Mr.
    Griesz directly.
    PARENT QUESTION: Subsidized TTC tickets?
    Answer – Available to non-FI students on a confidential basis, as needed.
    PARENT QUESTION: In what grade do business courses begin?
    Answer – Grade 9 to obtain Business Certificate upon graduation.
  1. Executive Reports

Fundraising Committee – Jen D. (on behalf of Marni Schulman)

  • Tasting event tomorrow night – complementary food provided by local vendors and restaurants
  • Silent Auction – cash or cheque only
    Safe & Caring School – Principal Griesz (on behalf of Andrea Fry)
  • Meeting will be called soon (4 meetings per school year) before the holiday break to discuss
    issues around school safety (ie. lighting in halls, vaping in bathrooms, sidewalk salting, air
    quality); the caretaker is on the committee, staff, guidance, a parent, students and a social work

Facility Improvements Subcommittee – Phillip Roberts & Rui Taborda

  • Field renovation project – Field Committee online meeting scheduled for next Tuesday – hoping
    to host an open community event asap – movement happening behind the scenes between
    Scottish Rugby Club and TDSB – important time for LP community to be able to hear more
    details from the Club initiating this opportunity – stay tuned for date
  • Facebook Group “Friends of Lawrence Park CI – Sports Field” – please have the link shared on
    the LPCI Alumni FB page, as well.
  • Pool is closed again for repairs – repair date TBD, pool has been closed since the strike began
    (a few weeks)
    Environmental Protection & Action on Climate Change – Elena Solokhina
  • Grant from City of Toronto for our school garden project, idea for a ‘food forest’, the Grant could
    support fencing around the ‘forest’, perhaps a vote for funding allocation
  • Testing new live plants around the school, looking at outdoor garden, landscaping; TDSB
    welcomes LP to work on landscaping plans, but we are waiting to see what is happening with
    the turf before moving forward with new green spaces on school property; Mr. Griesz sending
    Elena an email to connect her with the Head of Science
  • Global Treaty “Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty” visit https://realmedia.press/fossil-fueltreaty/
  • Bill 23 Greenbelt – see link to take action if you’re interested:
    Parent Engagement Subcommittee – Megan Fahlenbok & Tatiana
  • Parent Council Reps attended the Wellness Fair today; very well-attended event
  • Posting on @lpciparentcouncil Instagram page – please follow and read our posts
    French as a Second Language (FSLAC) – Jen D. (on behalf of Robin Conliffe)
  • Updating French novels for more bipoc author representation
  • Nov. 17 French show – singing, dancing, drumming; next performance in late March – Next
    show is Three Muskateers by the Dufflebag Theatre Improv Group
  • Info session re: ISE European Exchange Program for Grade 10/11 in 2023-24
  • Lunch session for students not taking French this semester – email Mme Benet with more info
    re: Exchange program
    Marketing & Communications – Lori Rosenberg
  • Leigh Felesky has resigned from Council
  • Lori Rosenberg continuing, posting Minutes and other communications
  • Lori offered to support Mr. Griesz with The Eye
    Upcoming Events:
  • Wednesday, December 14 – Teacher Appreciation Lunch 12-1pm in Library, funding provided
    by Adam Weiner – looking for volunteers to help set up, serve, and clean up
  • Events for preparing students for Post-LP: next Monday, Dec. 12th from 8-9pm, Educational
    Consultant (doesn’t replace LP Guidance session, just another perspective) – choosing the right
    university, application timelines, requirements, scholarship opportunities, and more. Dec 12th 8-
    9pm ZOOM LPCI University Prep This will be a one hour event featuring guest speaker Teo
    Salgado, Educational Consultant from VerveSmith. Teo’s presentation will cover the following
    topics: Choosing the right university – keeping an open mind to all Canadian schools including
    out-of-province, co-op/intern programs, international collaborations, and college/ university
    combination degrees – will use School Council Zoom account – link will be posted to all parents
  • Admission requirements for schools & programs and what admissions departments are looking
  • Application elements – prerequisites, supplementary applications, personal statements,
    interviews and how students can prepare winning applications
  • Application timelines this year
  • Post-secondary education cost comparisons
  • Scholarship opportunity examples
  • ZOOM link for Monday Dec 12th 8-9pm (https://tdsb-ca.zoom.us/j/8392834067)
  • Another upcoming event for Grade 12s – “How to Pay for University” – how to figure out
    expenses, researching expenses, work/study programs abroad, etc. – advertising will be
    available next week re: dates – for parents and students, good for Grade 11 and 12
    students/families, but geared towards Grade 12 families
    PARENT QUESTION: Can we blend grades for interurals?
    ANSWER: Kids pick their own teams, students learning to organize their teams.
    PARENT QUESTION: How to students find out about intermurals?
    ANSWER: Morning announcements, bulletin board,
    PARENT QUESTION: Would it be possible to look into the robotics club?
    ANSWER: Mr. Griesz will email the parent directly

Motion to adjourn: Lana
Seconded: Rui Taborda
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We look forward to holding the next Parent Council meeting in person in the LPCI Library and on Zoom.