About the LP School Council

The LPCI School Council is made up of an elected committee of parents and caregivers, staff and student representatives, appointed community members and the principal. Together, this group of volunteers works toward achieving the Council’s mandate “to improve student achievement and enhance the accountability of the education system to parents.”  

The Council acts as an advisor to the principal, addressing a variety of issues relating to student achievement, curriculum goals, school budget priorities, school safety, renovation plans, after-school activities, as well as the criteria for selecting new administrators.

In addition, Council organizes school fundraisers to support the administration’s strategic objectives to improve facilities, programs and the overall student experience. It hosts community social events, speakers and presentations on a variety of beneficial topics (such as mental health, post-secondary planning and careers), and assists student clubs and committees, as well as teachers and staff.

School Council holds monthly meetings (both in-person and virtual), which are open to all members of the LP community, and are an excellent way for all parents, guardians and caregivers to get involved in the performance and success of our school.

Council meetings include updates from the Council Executive Team, the Student Council, and the Principal.  These meetings are an important forum in which to discuss issues that affect the education and overall high school experience of LP students.  

If you are interested in joining Council Executive Team, or looking for other volunteer opportunities, please contact us.

More information on School Councils in Ontario: