Minutes December 4, 2017

LPCI School Council Meeting

Attendees: Anna Richter, Jacqueline Fry, Teresa Zimon, Dorothy Carson, Claire Murphy, AnneMarie Armstrong, Alan Voves, Emma DeVries, Julie & Damien Tetrel, Debbie & Stevee Weiner, Susanna Haga, Vanessa Bond, Jane Bridgeman Brenha, Veronica Bak, Irina Kovaler, Audrey Lao, Petra Hamann, Jennifer Wilmer, Lana Sheinbaum, Julie Sole, Erika Boone, Liz Hanson

  1. Student Council update – Ta’Ziyah Jarrett & Ada Celik
  • Grade 8 visits went well at LPCI on Thursday.
  • December 20th new date for School Spirit wear
    1. Print out receipt on school cash online and bring with order form from FB, Instagram / office, and bring in front of display case at lunch and the order is in.
  • Winter Musicale concert – coming up December 14th 7pm, Auditorium. Tickets $15. Students bring receipt from cash online to Mr. Brown to get the ticket.
  • Peer Tutoring -Sign up in office if you want to be tutored by someone closer to your age, Grade 11 & 12 any subject. It is free. It’s run by guidance. Guidance introduces them, and the students work out time of day for tutoring.
  • Charities happening – United Artist for a cause – this Thursday December 7th. Dancers, singers, instruments, very talented students. $8 online, $10 at the door. Some of the money goes to “charlies angles” who support families dealing with cancer.
  • Save the evidence campaign. Brantford Community – helped with repairs to the centre. Winners won 6 foot sub, Ms Lee’s class won for raising money.
  • Toy Mountain – Bring unwrapped toys to homeform class. Put on by Me to We club. Goal is to do a lot better that last year with donations. Suggestion is that teens are really in need, Girls & Boys 14-17 – Gift cards, soccer balls, ..
  1. Chair’s report – Erika Boone
  • Approval of minutes – Jacqueline Fry approves, Petra Hamann seconds
  • November meetings
    • Ward Meeting with Jennifer Arp. Guest Speaker on how to run school councils. Elections to parent engagements. More focus on elementary schools. Emphasis on parent involvement.
      • Currently 4 Executive members
      • Looking for help for next year on the council
      • Talk was on inequity in fundraising in TDSB. Some raise up to $100,000, some $3,000 and will come under review.
    • Equity task force in place until November 20th. Board of Trustee meeting coming up they’ll vote to adopt the recommendations.
    • November 25th – all day meeting on parent involvement. Very key for the board right now as they feel parent voice is critical
    • November 27th Fundraising meeting at Safari’s. Event will be a community builder and silent auction to raise money for Wellness Centre.
    • November 28th – Erika attended with Angela P, took a group of students and staff. Ward had a pro-grant to bring schools together at John Polyani school. Three part process. Wellness was selected. Speaker Gee Won, from the board spoke on equity. The students were very engaged. Another session in the new year. Students that attended want the school to reflect the students of today – more murals and vibrant colours. LP has a population whom have a lot of advantages.
    • November 30th Grade 8 open house.
    • December 18th – Next meeting on the new wellness facility.
  • Thursday March 1st – Upcoming Social Event & Fundraiser for Parents at Safari’s More details to come!
  • Direct Donation Campaign update – Launched November 15th.
    • Raised $6,500 to date. A bit less than last year and with matching funds it will go up. This is amount council will used to support student requests. Important to use funds with the school year to ensure the money goes to the people that donated.
    • Three reminders sent out to school council emails for those that subscribe to parent council website.
    • Encouraged everyone to subscribe to the parent council website. Suggested for next year to ask for the donation in September.
  • Wellness update
    • Nathaniel Anderson, a Child and Youth Worker, will be joining LPCI on a half-time basis. We are sharing this resource with York Mills Collegiate. Nathaniel will be working with staff and students, in addition to leading workshops, lunch and learns and teacher training initiatives. The Wellness Council hopes to be able to use his expertise this year in addressing wellness topics for our students.
    • Last week at the Grade 8 visit, Angela Papanicolaou hosted incoming students in her wellness room 107 where she updated students on our Wellness philosophy and club & led them through their first Mindful Moment
    • The Student Wellness Committee’s December event will be a holiday celebration in the gym on Wednesday the 20th. Winter-themed booths will be set up celebrating different cultural holidays, a DJ will be playing music, and a photo booth will be available with different backdrops for students to take selfies. Hot chocolate will be served complimentary.
    • The Student Wellness Committee is planning to erect a Holiday tree next week – students will be asked to design a hand-made ornament from supplies provided that celebrates their particular culture or tradition, or simply offers well wishes
    • Students continue to plan activities for the upcoming Wellness Week on April 30 – May 4 which will be kicked off by a Wellness Assembly on April 30th.
    • In the works – Students want to host a dance tied in to Wellness Week. Date tbd, but looking at Thursday, April 26th potentially.
  1. School’s report – Joel Gorenkoff
    1. Thanks the parents for attending, and opportunity for parents to share their concerns.
    2. Opened it up to questions / concerns.
    3. Changing equity – He feels all students should feel a sense of belonging. Focus on those who feel marginalized, on the outside. Hallways/classrooms should make the students feel welcome, by seeing themselves represented in the school, classroom. Making sure every kid has a place at the school. They’re relooking at what’s on the walls and give a modern take.
    4. Goal to bring in exemplary staff and feels the staff is stronger this year.
  1. From the Guidance office – Mark Fischer

Course Selection 101 – LP Course Selection for 2018-19

  • Information on the LP website and resources.
  • Timelines Key Dates
    • Grade 9 -> 10
      • Dec 7 -15 Guidance will review with Phys Ed Classes
      • Jan 12 – 24 Submit Course selection vis myBlueprint.ca
      • Jan 22- 26 Submit course selection sign off sheet and ranking of electives
      • Jan 29th – Equal Consideration Date – submit the sheet if there is a problem. Submit to guidance if missed home form.
    • Grade 10->11
      • Jan 11 – 19 civics and careers courses
        • Go to guidance and book time if not taking this course.
      • Jan 22 – Feb 9th – Submit course selection sign off sheet and ranking of electives
      • Feb 13 – 15 – Submit course selection sign off sheet and ranking of electives
      • Feb 20 – Equal Consideration Date – submit the sheet if there is a problem. Submit to guidance if missed home form.
    • Grade 11-> 12
      • Jan 22 – 26 – during English class, if kids don’t have this course go to guidance.
      • Jan 29 – Feb 9 – Submit course selection sign off sheet and ranking of electives
      • Feb 13 – 15 – Submit course selection sign off sheet and ranking of electives
      • Feb 20th – Equal Consideration Date – submit the sheet if there is a problem. Submit to guidance if missed home form.
    • All Grades – Feb 27 – Mar 1 – Course Request verifications distributed to homeform.
    • Mar 1 – 5 – changes to course selection window. Only send form back if there are changes requested and need parent signature.
    • Mar 6 – May 25 – timetable selection. Window to not entertain changes.
    • May 28 – June 7 – Course request change opportunity, space permitted. Forms available in guidance. All changes require a parent signature. Date is approximate.
    • Change – students are not taken out of a course the plan to take in the summer until they have taken the course.
      • Eg if they take English in the summer, English will remain on their timetable until they’ve completed it.
    • Child going into Grade 10 – a number of mandatory courses, 3 electives. Compulsories: English, Math, Science, History, Civics & Careers. (2 for French students a French is required)
    • Enriched Courses – for Math 10 & 11 levels and English for 10, 11 and 12. This is not an AP course.
    • Grade 11 – Math and English are compulsories. Coop in grade 11 and 12. It’s two credits, requested via myblueprint. Coop teacher meets with the students to figure out placements. Fantastic program. One month in class, then ½ day every other day doing the work until June placement in workplace. Ms McDonald runs the program. Approximately 60 students do this program.
    • Grade 12 – Compulsory – English. 7 courses recommended. At least 6 minimum.
      • Post secondary considerations OUAC/OCAC sent in Oct – then Feb grades sent to colleges and Universities. Not November.
      • Early Acceptance based on October transcript or Grade 11.
      • Some students do a 5th year and do coop for the 5th
    • Immersion & Extended Considerations
      • Extended – requires 7 courses, 8 gets honours certificate. Recommended 3,2,1,1 in each year.
      • Immersion – 10 courses, 11 gets honours certificate Recommended 5,4
    • Diploma Requirements – Compulsory courses above. 3 Groups available online.
    • ca – helps students sort through. Open year round, but can only hit submit within the dates above.
    • Look for resources to support planning on the school website.
    • Grade 9 – may take away levels, starting in English, then math. So no split between applied vs academic. They’ll be all put in academic.
    • Timetable changes August & September 2018.
    • Last year they could make one change request beginning Sept 17th during 3rd week of school year.
  1. Other Business

Next meeting February 5th at 7pm in the library